Former St. Luke Baptist Church located in Marianna, Florida. Built in 1921 in the Gothic Revival architectural style, the church was abandoned by the congregation in 1984. This is on the National Register of Historic Places (NRIS #03000008). This African-American church was also known as St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.

Former St. Luke Baptist Church Marianna, FL

St. Luke’s Baptist Church


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West End: St. Luke’s Baptist Church

The St. Luke Baptist Church was founded in August 1867 under the leadership of Rev. Samuel Brown. Before the construction of the church, the congregation would hold meetings at a blacksmith’s forge on the site. In 1890, Rev. William King and his congregation constructed a wooden predecessor to the gothic-brick church. The church was used for religious and educational purposes. In 1921, the present brick structure was erected. The design of the building follows the Gothic Revival Style with its pointed, arch-leaded stained glass windows and towers on either side of the central nave. The church is located on one of the highest points in central Marianna. Even though the building was vacated by the congregation in 1984, it continued to be a main focal point in Marianna until suffering significant damages from Hurricane Michael in 2018.

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