Historic image of Quincy's Art Museum, originally a Bed and Breakfast.

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Despite the challenges endured by Legacy Communities, the members’ resiliency and commitment to one another is apparent in their attitudes and their history. Descriptions of daily life in these communities are filled with stories centered around community and family. People took care of one another to ensure
that no one would go hungry, and it was common to have community members share with other families who might have needed additional help.

Residents described the open-door type policies that were just a normal part of the community culture. These communities have endured tragedy, discrimination,
and disinvestment, but due to the commitment of community members, there are new opportunities for positive growth. Any visitor can expect kindness, hospitality, and open arms. There has been overwhelming support from the community to increase tourism activities in their region. The residents of each unique community recognize that their stories have value and look forward to sharing them with anyone willing to listen. The business database highlights the community’s economic resiliency.

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Gadsden County Community Assets
Legacy Community Asset NameHours (CST)AddressPhone NumberWebsiteSocial Media 1
Quincy Steward Temple AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6PM85 Woodward Rd, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 627-1109Home (stewardtempleamec.org)
Quincy St John AMESunday: 10 AM, Wednesday: 6PM4445 Bainbridge Hwy, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 627-9588
Quincy Antioch BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6PM284 Mccall Bridge Rd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-3813
Quincy Arnett Chapel AfricanSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM209 S Duval St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-1295Our Pastor | Arnett Chapel AME ChurchArnett Chapel AME | Facebook
Quincy Bear Creek BethelSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM3440 Old Federal Rd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-1199Bear Creek Bethel M. B. Church 1887 | Quincy FL | Facebook
Quincy Bethel Assembly of GodSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM1910 Pine Grove Church Rd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 442-4408
Quincy Blessed HopeSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM2043 Hutchinson Ferry Rd, Quincy, FL 32352
Quincy Centenary MethodistSunday: 10:55 AM, Wednesday: 7PM206 N Madison St, Quincy, FL 32351 (850) 627-9226Home (centenaryquincy.org)
HavanaChina Hill BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM7175 Havana Hwy, Havana, FL 32333(850) 539-0501
Quincy First Elizabeth BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM1030 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Ste 850, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-9849
ChattahoocheeFlat Creek BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM3626 Flat Creek Rd, Chattahoochee, FL 32324(850) 442-4172
Quincy Fountainhead AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM232 J And J Ln, Quincy, FL 32352
Quincy Friendship Primitive BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM5775 Ben Bostic Rd, Quincy, FL 32351 (850) 875-4002
Quincy Greenshade AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM8152 Salem Rd Quincy, FL 32352
HavanaHopewell AME Sunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM6578 Havana Hwy, Havana, FL 32333
ChattahoocheeJerusalem ChurchSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM656 Lincoln Dr, Chattahoochee, FL 32324(850) 539-0408
Quincy Little Sycamore Church Sunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM3246 Sycamore Rd, Quincy, FL 32351
HavanaMayflower AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM1148 Jamieson Road Havana Ste 8, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-6087
Quincy Mt Zion Primitive BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM20 S 9th St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-2045Mt Zion Primitive Baptist Church | Facebook
Quincy Mt. Calvary Primitive Baptist ChurchSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM7095 Bainbridge Hwy, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 627-9916​Contact Us/Prayer Requests (mtcalvarypbchurch.com)
HavanaMt Zion AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM223 Mount Zion Church Rd, Havana, FL 32333(850) 539-5509Mt Zion AME Church Online and Mobile Giving App | Made possible by GivelifyMount Zion AME Church of Havana, FL | Facebook
Quincy Old Bethel AME ChurchSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:45PM286 High Bridge Rd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 274-9549Old Bethel AME Church | Facebook
HavanaPalace AMESunday: 10:45 AM, Wednesday: 7PM308 Conyers St, Havana, FL 32333(850) 539-9234Palace AME Church- Havana, FL | Facebook
GreensboroPine Bloom MissionarySunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM229 Kemp St Quincy Ste 850, Greensboro, FL 32330(850) 442-3353Pine Bloom Missionary Baptist Church – Greensboro (ueniweb.com)Pine Bloom Missionary Baptist Church | Facebook
HavanaRich Bay A.M.E.Sunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM1460 Rich Bay Rd, Havana, FL 32333(850) 539-0026
GreensboroSalem AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM205 Kemp St Greensboro Ste 85, Greensboro, FL 32330(850) 442-4913Salem African Methodist Episcopal Church | Greensboro FL | Facebook
Quincy St Hebron AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM1730 Saint Hebron Rd, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 875-9409
Quincy St James AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 7PM514 S 11th St, Quincy, FL 32351 ·(850) 627-6382St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church – Quincy, Florida | Facebook
Quincy St John Church of GodSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6PM3490 Bainbridge Hwy, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 627-2870Contact Us – St. John COGIC (stjohncogicquincy.org)
Mount Pleasant St Mary’s C.M.E.Sunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:30PM2772 Mount Pleasant Rd, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 856-5283St. Mary CME Church (stmarycme.com)St. Mary CME Church Community | Facebook
Quincy St. Matthew’s Primitive BaptistSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:30PM1455 Post Plant Rd, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 627-6090
MidwaySt Peter A.M.E.Sunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:30PM874 Peters Rd, Midway, FL 32343 ·(850) 576-5575
GretnaBeulah Hill Missionary Baptist ChurchSunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:30PM14533 Main St, Gretna, FL, United States, Florida(850) 856-9203Beulah Hill Missionary Baptist Church | Facebook
Quincy Greater Tanner Chapel AMESunday: 11 AM, Wednesday: 6:30PM1911 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-2386Greater Tanner Chapel AME Church Official | Facebook
QuincyGadsden County School DistrictMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm35 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Quincy, FL 32351850-627-9651Home – Gadsden County Schools (gadsdenschools.org)https://www.facebook.com/gadsdenschoolsfl/
ChattahoocheeChattahoochee Elementary SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm335 Maple Street, Chattahoochee, FL 32324850-662-2080Chattahoochee Elementary School (gadsdenschools.org)
Quincy George W. Munroe Elementary School Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm1830 West King Street, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-8800George W. Munroe Elementary School: About The School (gadsdenschools.org)
GreensboroGreensboro Elementary SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm559 Greensboro Highway, Quincy, FL 32351850-442-9524Greensboro Elementary (gadsdenschools.org)
Quincy Stewart Street Elementary SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm749 South Stewart Street, Quincy, FL 32351850-627-3145Stewart Street Elementary School: Contact (gadsdenschools.org)
ProvidenceGadsden Elementary Magnet School Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm200 Providence Road, Quincy, FL 32351(850)-627-7557Gadsden Elementary Magnet School (gadsdenschools.org)
QuincyJames A. Shank Middle School Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm1400 W. King St., Quincy, FL 32351850-875-8737James A. Shanks Middle School: About The School (gadsdenschools.org)
ProvidenceWest Gadsden Middle SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm200 Providence Road, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 442-9500West Gadsden Middle School: About The School (gadsdenschools.org)
Quincy Carter-Parramore AcademyMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm631 South Stewart Street, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-6030 Carter-Parramore Academy: Contact (gadsdenschools.org)
Quincy Gadsden Cemtral Academy Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm631 South Stewart Street, Quincy, FL 32351850-627-6030Gadsden Central Academy: Contact (gadsdenschools.org)
HavanaGadsden County High SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm27001 Blue Star Memorial Hwy, Havana, FL 32333(850) 662-2300 Gadsden County High School: Contact (gadsdenschools.org)
QuincyGadsden Technical InstituteMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm201 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Quincy, FL 32351850-875-8324Home – Gadsden Technical Institute
QuincyCrossroad Academy Charter SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm470 Strong Road, Quincy, FL 32351(850)-875-9626Home – Crossroads Academy Charter School (mycacs.com)
HavanaHavana Magnet SchoolMonday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm1210 Kemp Rd Havana, Florida 32333(850)-662-2750 Havana Magnet School (schoolinsites.com)
HavanaHavana Leadership (HLC) Academy Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5pm2434 Kemp Rd, Havana, FL 32333 (850) 539-1315HLC Leadership Academy (hlcla.org)
QuincyWilliam A. McGill LibraryMonday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Friday & Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM732 S Pat Thomas Pkwy, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 627-7106
ChattahoocheeChattahoochee Public LibraryMonda – Tuesday: 11am – 8pm; Wednesday-Friday: 11am-6pm; Saturday: 10am-3pm300 Maple St, Chattahoochee, FL 32324 (850) 663-2707
HavanaHavana Public LibraryMonda – Tuesday: 11am – 8pm; Wednesday-Friday: 11am-6pm; Saturday: 10am-3pm203 E 5th Ave, Havana, FL 32333(850) 539-2844
QuincyGadsden County AdministratorMonday – Friday: 9am-5pm9-B East Jefferson Street, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-8650Gadsden County, FL (gadsdencountyfl.gov)
QuincyGadsden County Animal ControlMonday – Friday: 9am-5pm9-B East Jefferson Street, P.O. Box 1799, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 875-8658Gadsden County, FL (gadsdencountyfl.gov)
QuincyGadsden County Building Department Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm1-B East Jefferson St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-8665Building Department (gadsdencountyfl.gov)
QuincyGadsden County Code EnforcementMonday – Friday: 9am-5pm1- B East Jefferson St – P.O. Box 1799, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 694-3079https://www.gadsdencountyfl.gov/departments/code_enforcement/index.php
QuincyGadsden County Parks & RecreationMonday – Friday: 9am-5pm9-B East Jefferson Street, P.O. Box 1799, Quincy, FL 32352(850) 510-7784https://www.gadsdencountyfl.gov/departments/parks_and_recreation/index.php
QuincyGadsden County Public Works Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm1284 High Bridge Rd, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-8672Gadsden County, FL (gadsdencountyfl.gov)
QuincyGadsden County Growth Management Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm9- B East Jefferson St – P.O. Box 1799, Quincy, FL 32353850-875-8659Gadsden County, FL (gadsdencountyfl.gov)
Quincy Quincy Fire Departement Sunday – Monday 24 Hrs20 N. Stewart Street, Quincy, Florida 32351850-875-7315Fire Department | The City of Quincy (myquincy.net)
Quincy Quincy Fire Departement Sunday – Monday 24 Hrs21 N. Stewart Street, Quincy, Florida 32351(850)875-7315Fire Department | The City of Quincy (myquincy.net)
Chattahoochee Chattahoochee Main StreetSunday – Monday: 9am-5pm316 W. Washington Street Chattahoochee, Florida 32324(850) 663-2323Chattahoochee Main Street
QuincyQuincy Main StreetSunday – Monday: 9am-5pm104 N Adams St Ste A, Quincy, FL 32351 Quincy Main Street | An All-America City
HavanaHavana Main StreetSunday – Monday: 9am-5pm16 NW First Street Havana, FL 32333(850) 755-2999CONTACT | Havanamainstreet
HavanaHavana Community Development Center Sunday – Monday: 9am-5pm264 Carver Ave, Post Office Box 207, Havana, Florida 32333850-616-5112Havana Northside High School | Havana Community Development Corporation (havanacdc.org)
ChattahoocheeBoys & Girls Club-Big BendSunday – Monday: 9am-5pm715 S Main St, Chattahoochee, FL 32324(850) 663-2244Boys & Girls Clubs of America – Providing millions of kids and teens a safe place to develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have fun. (bgca.org)
TallahasseeApalachee Regional Planning CouncilMonday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm2507 Callaway Rd, Ste 200 Tallahassee, FL 32303(850) 488-6211https://www.arpc.org/https://www.facebook.com/ApalacheeRPC/
Quincy Gadsden County Chamber of CommerceMonday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm304 West King Street, Quincy, Fl. 32351(850) 627-9231Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce (gadsdencc.com)
QuincyGadsden County Florida Development Council Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm221 N Madison St, Quincy, FL 32351850-627-0452Gadsden County Development Council – Home (gadsdenfldev.com)
Quincy Carol’s Country Cookin323 S Cleveland St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 662-1378
Quincy Vickey’s Kitchen Monday – Saturday 11AM – 10PM and Sunday 11AM to 7PM6768 florida highway, Havana, FL 32333(850) 616-1584
HavanaHavana History & Heritage Society, Inc. & Shade Tobacco Museum Saturday 10:30AM – 5PM and Sunday 1PM – 4PM204 NW 2nd St, Havana, FL 32333 ·(850) 270-7315Havana History & Heritage Society (portalbuzz.com)Havana History & Heritage Society | Facebook
Quincy Gadsden Arts Center & Museum Tuesday – Saturady 10AM – 5PM 13 N Madison St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 875-4866Gadsden Arts Center & Museum > HomeGadsden Arts Center & Museum | Flickr
Quincy Insurance Benefits Solutions, INC. Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm 15 S Madison St, Quincy, FL 32351850-694-3133
Chattahoochee2C Second Chance Outreach Prison Ministry & Thrift Store Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm 125 W. Washington St. Chattahoochee, Fl, 32324580-663-5706
Quincy CJ’s Kitchen & CateringMonday-Friday: 10am-9pm 103 E Jefferson St, Quincy, FL 32351(850) 662-1187
Quincy Soul Food ExpressSunday: 12-6pm, Friday: 7am-8pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 7am-3pm 119 W Jefferson St, Quincy, FL 32351850-662-1825
Quincy Big Babies BBQ403 west Jefferson Street Quincy Fla, Quincy, FL 32351
Quincy Sem’s850-300-3285(20+) A Taste with Lots of Love | Facebook
Quincy CustomMade Pillows & Rags & MoreOnline/Popup850-300-3285(20+) A Taste with Lots of Love | Facebook
Quincy Conch City Catering LLCMobile850-322-0567
Quincy Mr. JB’s Barbecue 850-933-0110Facebook: mrjbsbarbecue
HavanaInez KitchenWednesday/Thursday: 10am-2pm & Thursday-Saturday 10am-6pm 305 N Main St, Havana, FL 32333(850) 616-5017Inez Kitchen – Restaurant in Havana
Quincy Denson Desserts Baked Treats850-510-6345
Quincy Kavannah’s Sweet Boutique102 N Adams St. Suite 100, Quincy, Fl, 32351850-408-8107
Quincy Jazmine Happiness & Healing 786-831-1240Instagram:geecheegoddess_
Quincy Starr Power 843-962-2236Instagram: SuperStarrSoul
Quincy Smart Choice Connections4620 Hosford Hwy. Quincy, FL, 32351850-510-4015
Quincy Beyond Billboard MaterialHome | Beyond Billboard (beyondbillboardmaterial.shop)Beyond Billboard Material LLC. (@beyondbillboardmaterial) • Instagram photos and videos
Quincy Edge Designs
Quincy JDC Bakes
Quincy It’s Fashion

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