Vendors at a Gadsden County Festival.

Our People

Despite the challenges endured by the Legacy Community members, their resiliency and commitment to one another are apparent in their attitudes and their history. Descriptions of daily life in these communities are filled with stories centered around community and family. People took care of one another to ensure that no one would go hungry, and it was common to have community members drop off “extra” provisions to other families who may have needed additional help.

Residents described the open-door policies that were just a normal part of the community culture. These communities have endured tragedy, discrimination, and disinvestment, but due to the commitment of community members, there are new opportunities for positive growth. Any visitor can expect kindness, hospitality, and open arms. There has been overwhelming support from the community to increase tourism activities in their region. The residents of each unique community recognize that their stories have value and are looking forward to sharing them with anyone willing to listen.