Springfield AME Church

Springfield AME Church



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Springfield, like other Legacy Communities, was established on land that was once that of a plantation. After emancipation, sharecropping became the major industry in the area until the community became economically independent as its agricultural industry grew to be its main local industry. Springfield is located southeast of Campbellton, near US-231, which operates as a connection between the community and the rest of Jackson County and provides access to trade and other forms of economic opportunity.

Springfield's tree landmark
Springfield’s tree landmark

The Springfield community suffered from out-migration after the increase in industrialization in the southeastern part of the County and those in search of education or better economic opportunity left Springfield for larger markets in Florida and other parts of the Southeast. While the Black population has become smaller as more and more people move to larger nearby cities, Springfield is still a tight-knit community as those who remain in the community have passed down traditions for generations. Locations like the Springfield Schoolhouse Museum and the Springfield A.M.E. Church have worked as community centers for gatherings, celebrations, and other social events.

“One of these local traditional practices are the ‘Box Parties’ hosted by Springfield A.M.E., a fundraiser for the church where church members prepare box lunches and sell them to community members.”

One of these local traditional practices is the “Box Parties” hosted by Springfield A.M.E, a fundraiser for the church where church members prepare box lunches and sell them to community members. Another local celebration known as May Day occurs on May 20th and commemorates when black people in Jackson County learned about their emancipation. For many of Springfield’s residents, the day was a huge event in school when the Springfield Schoolhouse was operating, and students celebrated by wrapping the May Pole, decorating arts and crafts, and apple bobbing.

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