Aerial view of Victory Bridge

Victory Bridge from above

Victory Bridge


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Victory Bridge: A Potential Freedom Trail Site

Dedicated to the Allied Victory in World War I, the Victory Bridge was constructed in 1922 as the first automobile-designed bridge to cross the Apalachicola River. Removing the old cabled ferry helped traffic speed along the newly paved Old Spanish Trail from St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California.

In 1947, roughly a half mile north, the Jim Woodruff Dam was constructed, ending the life of Victory’s drawbridge as river traffic altogether ceased. The drawbridge was left in place but decommissioned. In 1996 the entire bridge was decommissioned due to its worsening physical condition, and a new one was constructed beside it. Parts of the old Victory Bridge remain today to explore at the Chattahoochee River Landing Park. In July of 2022, the bridge’s centennial was celebrated as residents reminisced about its beauty, community significance, and how it should continue to be preserved.

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