St. Mary CME Church from the front

St. Mary CME Church

St. Mary CME Church


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St. Mary CME Church: A Cornerstone of Mount Pleasant

In 2023, St. Mary CME celebrated over 142 years of service. Situated in Mount Pleasant, the church plays a vital role in the community by providing various forms of support to its congregation.

St. Mary was originally part of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, where churchgoers would meet under a brush harbor for church services during segregation. Having service outdoors did not derail them from engaging in fellowship; instead, the church community rallied together and continued to meet.

In 1880, Henry Beach donated two acres to construct a church. After five years, St. Mary had a physical structure to call home. The structure burned down in 1912, and fortunately, a new church was constructed just a few feet away with some of the remaining lumber. Under strong leadership, the church continued to grow and thrive. With the guidance of great leaders, St. Mary’s current building was purchased in 1959, and its parsonage mortgage was paid off in 2007. St. Mary boasts a strong women’s ministry department and a very active youth group.

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