Shaw Quarters

Shaw Quarters


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Shaw Quarters: Through Thick And Thin

Shaw Quarters is a tightly-knit community just north of Quincy. Homeownership was the norm in Shaw Quarters. Residents could work at the nearby tobacco packing plant and pay off their homes over time. Chalk Street currently has the largest concentration of elders within the community. The community has an annual homecoming at Alphonso Figgers Park to celebrate the history and legacy of the community. The celebration involves residents reflecting on their upbringing over a soul food dinner. The park was named in honor of Shaw Quarters resident, Alphonso Figgers, who was one of five young men falsely accused of killing a Leon
County deputy. After years behind bars, they were released from death row. Upon being released, Alphonso Figgures became a community activist and created the community’s first neighborhood watch, which later became their community organization. Today, Shaw Quarters remains an active multigenerational community focused on creating events to keep the youth and elderly population engaged. Residents who moved away are still active community members
who often return to ensure the community continues to flourish.

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