Sneads Civic Hall

Sneads Civic Hall

Historic Sneads Civic Hall


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Sneads: Historic Sneads Civil Hall

The Sneads Community house is located adjacent to the historic downtown of Sneads, on a site that was once an old hitching post. In February 1899, the property was deeded to the town, but it remained open between the hitching post and railroad until the 1930s when the Women’s Civic Club of Sneads insisted that a community center be built. This log cabin is a significant example of New Deal-era Rustic Architecture constructed by the WPA in 1936.

Sneads Civic Hall

Over the years, it has served a variety of functions for the community. Originally, it was the clubhouse of the Sneads Women’s Civic Club and a center for many social activities. Beginning with World War II it served as a public health center and a place where people would gather to make bandages, give blood, and take civil defense courses. In the past, City elections were held here; court cases were heard by the mayor on Sundays; and it functioned as a school when the schoolhouse burned. It continues to provide gathering space for the Boy Scouts and many other civic social groups. In 2017, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

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