A Trail in Three Rivers State Park

Triple N Trail 2

Three Rivers State Park and Apalachee WMA


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Along the Lake Seminole shores and the Chattahoochee River lies one of the best-kept birding secrets in the Florida panhandle. About three miles north of Sneads in Jackson County, Three Rivers State Park and the Apalachee Wildlife Management Area (WMA) offer year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. This 8,000-acre area of longleaf pine uplands along the edge of Little Zion is interspersed with ponds, wetlands, and floodplain forest and offers prime habitat for both migratory and resident birds.

Red Cockaded Woodpecker, seen in Three Rivers State Park
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, seen in Three Rivers State Park

Apalachee WMA offers a full set of recreational opportunities, from hunting and fishing to paddling and hiking. It has pleasant temperatures in the fall, winter, and spring and offers the best times to hike bike, and horseback ride. One can definitely plan to go in spring and fall to watch migratory birds or hunt. Moreover, excellent plant diversity and seasonal wildflowers attract plant and butterfly enthusiasts to come back throughout the year for more.

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