Quincy's Town Hall

Quincy’s Town Hall



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Quincy: Gadsden’s County Seat

Quincy is the current seat for the county commissioners in Gadsden County. It has been the center of local politics, social movements, and celebrations for generations. During segregation, Colored Square, constrained by Jefferson, South Duval, East Crawford, and South Madison streets, was the only place for the Black community to congregate and engage in commerce. With segregation’s legal end, many white-owned businesses that refused to recognize this closed and left. Black-owned businesses began to spring up as the community sought to fill the commercial void left behind. Others turned to self-employment opportunities working mainly in the trucking and logistics industries. Today, successful black-owned businesses such as Carol’s Country Cookin and CJ’s Kitchen & Catering are situated downtown near the original Colored Square. Major celebrations continue to happen in Quincy, such as annual school homecoming parades and seasonal festivals such as the Quincy BBQ & Blues festival. As Quincy looks to the future, its role in bringing people together is an essential function that remains constant and unchanged.

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